The Global Effie Effectiveness Index identifies and ranks the most effective agencies, marketers and brands since 2011. According to the Effie Index 2021 the title of the most effective agency in Croatia as well as the tenth most effective independent agency in the whole of Europe belongs to Studio Sonda! Sonda is also the most effective independent agency in the Adriatic region.

The 2021 Effie Index rankings include the results of analysing data from more than 4,500 finalists and winning entries in one global, four regional and 47 national Effie Awards competitions held around the world during 2021. The Effie Awards are globally recognized by advertisers and agencies as the leading award within the industry that encourages and contributes to the success of brands. Since 1968, winning the Effie represents a symbol of global success.

This ranking is the result of Sonda’s long-term cooperation with the City Library of Poreč. With the project ‘100% COVID free travel’ the Library secured Sonda with a great result both within the Croatian and later the European edition of the competition, as well as within the overall ranking.

Therefore, the City Library of Poreč itself is the most effective Croatian brand and advertiser in the overall placement. More at: