A book that saves water is a logical result that follows the need to shape into a monograph the topic about water supply research carried out in the history of the town of Poreč (author: Elena Uljančić-Vekić, Dsc.) Since the topic itself sheds light on the history of water supply and talks about many individuals’ struggle to reach such a precious resource, the concept of water saving was devised also through design.

By choosing recyclable paper and researching the possibilities to use a less amount of water in the printing technique, instead of using non-recyclable paper and the commonly used printing techniques, in the concept realization we managed to save 7355 liter of water. For the sake of comparison, one person needs an average amount of 50 liter of water for the daily use, food and personal hygiene, so the amount of water that was saved with this project could supply an individual for five months. Moreover the book does not use any additional graphic elements since it conveys the message in its core – by simply saving water. In such a way a work that speaks out about the importance of preserving such a precious resource, within its layout tells that saving water is not only possible but also very important at every step of our life.