The jury of the 10th International festival of creative communication, held in Maribor, awarded the brochure Fashionable discourses designed by Studio Sonda and commissioned by the Croatian Association of Fine Artists of Istria, with the second prize Silver bra for design in the category of Small promos. In total, 467 works from 11 countries applied.

The exhibition Fashionable discourses explores the issues of the body, the representational messages of fashion, clothing and art, as well as their relationships in the contexts of galleries and society. That is why the logo of the exhibition is made up of two symbols: a hanger as symbol of fashion and lips as symbol of conversation (communication). The catalogue is printed on tailor’s paper, and it is a B1-sized poster with the edge perforated like a tailor’s meter, while the graphics evokes the broken lines of tailor cuts.

The bra was initially not conceived to be in the collection of fashionable discourses, but it fit eventually in.