“I’m just transferring nature”, the wine producer of Piquentum wine points out, “and each year nature is different, so are my wines, despite the same terroir and the same variety”.

And if the wines are each year different, so has to be the label. Art directed by nature.

Natural wine lovers don’t give a heck about any kind of advertising, it and just distances them from the product. They are very fond of nature and shy away from everything that is ready-made and mass-produced. It is an uncompromising world. Consumers prefer good, honest wines recommended by people they trust and these are usually presented on specialized fairs or in wineries. Only facts are relevant. Thus the product itself becomes the only means the producer actually can use to communicate with his consumers.

We’ve been collecting for years data on weather conditions in the vineyard, in collaboration with the Meteorological Institute. The amount of precipitation was perceived to be the variable that best shows the structure of wine each year. Then, nature’s behavior has literally been transferred to the label. The circles represent every month’s precipitations (from vintage to vintage).

In 2018 the producer decided to replace all his existing labels with the new ones, according to this concept. Knowing that he would need a tool for the presentation and storytelling, we gathered through time the collection of 6 seasons and sent it to the relevant distributers.

As the result, in 2018 Piquentum managed to enter some of the globally important restaurants, i.e.: the best Asian restaurant Gaggan (Bangkok), Constantin Filipo, Kussmaul, Joseph Brot (Vienna), Terroir (London), Vero, Local (Venice)… than reached new sale markets such as: Finland, Sweden, Singapore and Japan. Along the already existing markets USA, Croatia, Austria, France and England, for the 2020 there is a waiting list for new markets such as: The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Norway. The story about the new label has gone through social networks of globally relevant wine bloggers.