This project will always be one of our favorites. As creatives we are pretty much aware about that feeling how important it is to reach the audience with what we do, and as readers we know how deeply words can affect our lives, our attitude and personal growth.

The project Booktiga brings together the author and the audience in a most direct way. The author is hence given a direct information about how huge and important is what he/she does whilst the readers are given the occasion to remain part of the author’s story forever, part of the same story which had influenced them and induced to participate in writing down thoughts, feelings and thinking – to the creation of the author’s award itself.

This year again the most read book in the region of Istria travelled for more than a month through all of the Istrian libraries and collected incredible, touchy and personally written messages dedicated to the author.

The winner of this year’s Booktiga award is Slavenka Drakulić with her novel “Mileva Einstein, teorija tuge” (Mileva Einstein, a theory of sorrow). Congratulations mainly for the award but also for the awareness of how much her words can affect readers’ lives.

More about the project and Booktiga Award 2017.

Photo credit: Ivana Legović