Together with the barbecue season, the 360° campaign that we designed for the Croatian shopping chain Plodine has started. As in last year’s holiday campaign of the same chain, our famous singer Marko Tolja remained the main star.



Unlike the holiday TVC, in this one Tolja did not sing, but accepted the challenge of preparing the barbecue of the year. Contrary to expectations, in the TV spot itself, Tolja admitted to the journalists that he is not some kind of excellent barbecue master and that he does not actually have much experience, nor food and equipment. However, he has no doubt that the barbecue of the year will be successful, because he can count on some help – along with a handful of friends, there is also his favorite Plodine store, where he can find absolutely everything he needs for a perfect barbecue.


The Plodine product range contains all the necessary ingredients – from meat and vegetables to sauces, drinks, salads and desserts, as well as grilling equipment and the grill itself, with the always-present promotional offers. The campaign provides an overview of everything that Plodine offers, with a cheerful atmosphere and carefreeness as essential ingredients of any successful barbecue event.


Along with the TVC, we also created a distinctive visual identity for the campaign, as well as accompanying materials for various channels.



Creative Direction, Copywriting, and Design: Jelena Fiškuš, Sean Poropat
Design: Martina Ukić, Aleksandar Živanov
Copywriting for TVC: Rahela Dragičević
Copywriting for HS: Sara Šalov
Creative Strategy: Lucija Potočnik
Account Manager: Rafaela Kerin


TVC Production

Production: Komakino d.o.o.
Producer: Katarina Bobić
Director: Renata Lučić
Director of Photography: Aleksandar Karaulić
Photographer: Damir Žižić