Christmas tattoos are a kind of critique to mass consumerism in which holidays become anything but what they should be: love we share with our beloved ones. The message we send is that the holiday lies not in the things that surround us but in ourselves and in people who are dear to us. The decorated Christmas tree, as the most famous symbol of Christmas season, goes through a sort of reinterpretation in its most valuable aspect: a person who is dear to us.

By giving to our loved ones the possibility to decorate themselves with Be my Christmas tattoos/jewelry, we are telling them that they are our Christmas tree, our symbol of joy and hope, our Christmas. Thus we are communicating that we do not care about material things, but about people who surround us, who enrich us, whose existence in our lives brings joy to our hearts.

The work has been assigned the third prize in the competition Bor s nama (Christmas tree superstore), the annual exhibition of the Croatian Designers Society dedicated to the reinterpretation and redesign of Christmas decorations, with the following explanation of the jury composed by Koraljka Vlajo (MUO/ HDD), Mirna Reinprecht (HDD), Filip Gordon Frank (HDD), Dijana Basta (Cerovski Print Boutique), Nataša Marić (Igepa-Plana).

“A clear and a witty concept of temporary holiday tattoos is translated into a small symbolic set of applications that, once they are applied, create an entirely new communication context. Simple drawings fulfill their purpose only when applied on the skin of their future owners. Here is where we have no doubt that a potentially unlimited number of unique, humorous, seasonal stories will begin. Intentionally reduced to a level of joke, the work has a remarkable proportion invested in the initial impulse and the potential effect of triggering communication, which can be expected in its application.”

The work was presented at the sales exhibition XMAS Superstore from 14th  to 30th  December 2013 and it can be ordered on the website