Bertoša wines from Kaldir in Istria are made from grapes growing at 350 m above the sea level, on the tops of Istria and are harvested exclusively by hand.

The hills that produce 20,000 bottles of wine per year are unique and wine-growing because of the specific positions of the vineyards. Moreover, these heights guarantee the grapes get enough sunlight and the specific climate has both continental and Mediterranean characteristics, refreshed by the air from the sea and the one above the river Mirna.

The hard accessibility of the hills, although favorable for the quality of the wine, makes it difficult to have machines in the vineyard, so the grapes are harvested exclusively by hand and they are taken to the cellar in small quantities. At a time when the human hand is being increasingly replaced by cold machines, this wine provides the drinkability and the authenticity of life behind which real people stand.

That is the reason why a new brand for Bertoša wines has been created. The visual identity and the label for the series of wines: Berba – Ručno brano s vrhova Istre/Berba (meaning harvest)– Hand-harvested from the Istrian hills.

The verbal identity conveys the message of the obvious comparative advantage of location and personal approach. The visual identity intentionally uses “cut” illustrations and a logo that, precisely for the purpose of suggesting height, imaginarily rises beyond the framework. The motif of a giant, a well-known helper of small people from the Istrian legends, runs through the entire identity.

It is suggested that the real magic takes place on the heights that are difficult for the eye to grasp, that is, in the story that takes place above the label, in the wine itself.

Illustrations: Manuel Šumberac