Booktiga 2017. visuals speak about the power of words, which enables us to have its exclusive but our own projection and visualization. Pictures creating words are always visualized in each individual’s mind in a different way. In the world in which everything is subject to a visual experience, while we are being inundated with visual messages from about 3000 brands on a daily basis, the written word allows us to have an intimate experience of it, exclusively in our own way. The way we will visualize within ourselves what is written is just our way, and as such it is absolutely unique and unrepeatable. It helps develop our own creativity and can represent a specific shelter.

Hence posters for the 2017 campaign are covered with poetic words that project in our minds our own pictures. However, when we examine the posters closely, we can realize there are pictures of world classics we are familiar with, so that we can enjoy comparing how our visualization of the written at first glance differs from what we lately perceived as already known. In such a way we can also practically perceive how the power of words can influence our own personal growth.

Poetry translation:

Oh how lucky we are
to buy it
again and again
in every supermarket,
on a shelf.
Tomato soup from a can.


In a desert, burning landscape
melting in the sun
like Camembert cheese.
Either attacked by ants,
or underneath it sleeps
a one-eyed


A horrified
almost demonic presence
on the bridge
under a bloody red sky.
With its scream
that well-known feeling of anxiety…
And fear of life.


She seems smiling,
she seems melancholic…
This self-effacing lady in the misty landscape,
her arms laid on her lap.
At the same time
and distant,
talks to me through her gaze.


just awoke,
like a marble sculpture,
approaches the shore on a shell
led by the breath of breeze and wind.
Her long,
wavy hair
in the graceful curves of her dress
and transparent waves.
Chaste in her nudeness.


when it’s neither quiet, nor peaceful.
But a sight of restless quivering
of nature and people
while the village and cypresses
in the twirl of the sky.