Some tastes last forever. They are passed down from generation to generation, remain imprinted in our bodies’ reminiscences and in our memories, permanently becoming part of our identity. Each time we taste them, they bring back moments filled with happiness, invoking a sense of comfort in our entire body. For the Bajkin brand, that taste is undoubtedly associated with olives.

The family-owned farm Bajkin is located in the village of the same name near Vižinada, and has been producing olive oil for generations. Sonda designed its new branding packaging. The strong connection between Bajkin oil and the place it originates from, was the basis for creating a logo that visually combines tradition and modernity, past and future. The simple logo incorporated two elements in the name of olive oil – the roots and branches of an olive tree were added to the typography. With the new visual identity, the brand becomes recognizable and clearly visually presents the story of the creation of modern branching, while at the same time relying on the past – roots. The roots were inspired by a long-term connection with the place of Bajkini, and the expansion of new branches symbolizes the creation of a new, modern, autochthonous and original business concept. Additionally, warm family memories related to the family olive groves are materialized through the stories depicted on the labels. Five different labels, for five different bottles on offer, each show a scene from the life of the Bajkin family. From stretching cloths under the olive trees, to sweet breaks with coffee and mom’s homemade cookies, scattered olives and bare feet. Vivid family memories were illustrated by Ivan Stanišić.