When Oraketa, a non-alcoholic non-carbonated instant drink brand, gives you multivitamin granules and pre-mixes them in a can for its on-the-go use, it doesn’t come easier than that.  In a sea of elaborated drinks, Oraketa wanted to offer users a simpler and more sustainable solution to quench their thirst. The design of the packaging, branding and naming of the product, as well as the communication campaign, were entrusted to Studio Sonda, and since it is a product that is best consumed on the go, and which is placed inside a narrow, elegant 250 ml rocket shaped can, it was aptly named: Voyager.

The entire campaign that followed the launch of the product was based on an imaginary character – the mysterious astronaut Voyko, tasked to reduce everyday complications in our lives. Voyko Oraketa managed to do what not many people can, escaping from the black hole of life-sucking complexity, with the powerful cosmic mantra: keep it simple! Since then, Voyko Oraketa has been traveling through the space wormhole and appears when we least expect him and when we need him the most.

Just like Voyko, Oraketa Voyager users are always on the move, connected to their surroundings online and on social networks. The digital activation of the campaign therefore included the creation of a special Instagram and TikTok profile of Voyko through which he communicated directly with users, inviting them to interact and promptly responding to their queries through video content and comments. Through video posts he launched on his own profiles, Voyko invited users to send him a question that was bothering them, and he advised them in a simple way, urging them not to overcomplicate things. In order to spread his voice as far as possible, TikTok influencers were also involved in the activation, and the uncomplicated world of Oraketa became so famous in the galaxy that it even made it to the Instagram post of former Slovenian president Borut Pahor.

During the campaign, Vojko’s Instagram content reached 1.165.12 users on average, with 7.678 interactions. While, the content on TikTok was viewed a total of 25.987 times, with 1.676 interactions from the profile, which proves that people like uncomplicated things. And they love Oraketa Voyager, too.