The regional premium ice cream brand King welcomed the 2021 season in a new pakaging and rounded out with new flavors in the already existing range (cones, sticks, cups), but also in several new formats that are still King premium quality and very suitable for sharing with loved ones (multipack, cups).

Studio Sonda is the author of the new complete King packaging and the accompanying 360° campaign #breaKINGrules, which encourages users to change the imposed restraining habits and rules, in accordance with significant changes occurring in the world.
On the one hand, individuality is becoming more and more prominent, while on the other, the global situation is teaching us there is more need to support each other, socialize, share great moments. Rigid rules that prevent us from living a full life become part of some bygone times and open the door to a world in which we create rules that are only ours.

The starting point of the design for 5 new KING formats in a colorful new outfit is the design of King cups crowned in 2020 with the Red Dot Award and Gold for design and branding at the most important national festival of creativity, Ideja X 2021. Symbolically, the design communicates how that moment when we consume our King turns into: a royal moment.

The crown is a common graphic element that connects all the formats as well as the recognizable King premium quality, which proves that it is not true that you cannot have everything at once. And so, every time they suggest to us that silence is gold, that one should behave as others expect, that one should not stand out in the crowd, that dessert comes at the end or that, for example, someone else has a better idea for a campaign, it’s time for #breaKINGrules. And for a good ice cream!

Creative & Art direction, Copywrite: Studio Sonda; Jelena Fiškuš & Sean Poropat
Design: Studio Sonda; Aleksandar Živanov, Martina Ukić, Sanda Maričić, Simon Flegar, Jelena Fiškuš i Sean Poropat
Account Manager: Studio Sonda; Mladen Gvozden
3D Visualization King Ice Cream Popsticles: Vacuum Studio
Production: Val produkcija
Director: Bruno Anković
DOP: Aleksandar Pavlović
Photographer for the campaign: Damir Žižić