“Chocolate with sausages? Biscuits with offal? They will grind Kraš like minced meat…” Such comments appeared after it was announced that the chocolate producer, the adored Croatian brand Kraš, known for being the 1st chocolate manufacturer in southeast Europe, was taken over by a company that deals with meat: The Pivac Brothers Meat Industry.



Kraš didn’t want a classic crisis communication or paid ads. Instead, the management wanted to create actions that will prove that they listen and react, to make something that Croatian public would understand. Since Kraš has a popular Dorina chocolate brand, advertised through a wide range of unique flavors, for April Fool’s Day, Kraš spread the news on social networks that they will produce Dorina Čvarak (with popular left-overs from cooking pork fat). As expected, the public reacted positively.

Afterwards everything occurred in 1 month! Due to numerous positive comments, despite the technological challenges (combining two types of fat: lard+cocoa butter), Kraš produced a limited series of 600 pieces, in 20 days, almost in real-time. Everyone who wanted the joke to become true, got a free bar, so Kraš achieved additional positive engagement. Apart from production, no additional funds were invested in advertising.

The results speak for themselves. The announcement of Čvarak chocolate production was the most shared post in the history of Kraš! 600 pieces were sold-out in 45min, with 350 people on the waiting list. Dorina Čvarak was all over the media, even the leading news portal bought the chocolate on its own initiative and published a contest, with huge reactions, shares and comments 103x more than their average. Total organic reach was 506,892. And finally, the activity contributed to the fact that Dorina took a leadership position for the first time after 7 years, achieved value (+16%) and volume (+10) growth, rising even popularity in the brand pyramid.


Nevena Pivac /  Idea Co-creator  / Kraš d.d.
Marina Knežević / Idea Co-creator  / Kraš d.d.
Nikša Farac / Idea Co-creator  / Kraš d.d.
Ivana Čuvalo / Idea Co-creator / Kraš d.d.
Paulina Jurić / Brand Manager Assistant / Kraš d.d.

Jelena Fiškuš & Sean Poropat / Creative Direction, Design, Copy / Studio Sonda d.o.o.
Aleksandar Živanov / Design / Studio Sonda d.o.o.
Martina Ukić / Design / Studio Sonda d.o.o.
Mladen Gvozden / Account Director / Studio Sonda d.o.o.
Viktor Slavić / Copy / Studio Sonda d.o.o.

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