1. This is Motovun, but also our morning view from the office in Vižinada, in which every day seven people from different part of the peninsula create, often some future designer at practice as well.

It is since we have this view that the once planted seed has germinated in us, inspiring us and making us feel committed to design in a way it will fully respect this precious view we have and everything that surrounds it/us. We are interested in locally conditioned, sustainable and socially useful design which operates globally, raising awareness among the locals about increasing the value of what is considered everyday routine, and visitors to feel it in a way that is based on traditional values, yet adapted to the challenges of the modern age.

2. Almost every village in Istria has an abandoned school. Although they might be crumbling, these buildings evoke memories when knowledge used to be absorbed in their inside. We are working on a project according to which one of this schools could become our place for spreading ideas, gathering and networking of foreign and local fans of creative solutions, who want to develop themselves and the society in this environment.

3. The Istrian Supa is our current obsession. Not because of its main ingredient, the heady red wine, but because we are trying, with a team of partners (Ivona Orlić, Drago Orlić, Nevio Sirotić), to reinterpret and place in a different context this forgotten food/beverage. We are thus trying to deprive it of any restriction that could possibly limit a wider consumption and bring it back to taverns and restaurants as an autochthonous delicacy.

4. Conditionality should not be an obstacle in a personal development and important goals can be reached even from small environments. Young people with some ideas should not necessarily have to migrate searching for better.

Dom&Dizajn, 2013.