As part of the “Design for beginners“ educational program that is organized in cooperation with the Croatian Design Association, we are proud to share that we have already held 7 workshops in 2022 in our Sonda Creative Center. In the last workshop held this year, we were visited by the pupils from the 7th and 8th grades of the elementary school of St. Lovreč who were given the task of designing their own model based on the example of the existing Sonda ecological chair. The program consisted of two parts – theoretical and practical. In the first part, creative director Jelena Fiškuš presented to students Sonda’s  projects and creative solutions made for well-known brands. In the second part of the program, under the guidance of creative director Sean Poropat, the students had the opportunity to try themselves in the role of designers. They approached the task with curiosity, which resulted in interesting and unique conceptual solutions that they then presented to their classmates at the end of the workshop. The creative Sonda’s workshops aim to encourage creative thinking and artistic expression in children and young people, and the most important thing – to learn to approach challenges in a functional way.