Although the official sales season of Elan skis 16/17 collection has not yet started, the high fashion lovers could experience an insight into the new collection at a promotional ceremony of a special limited edition made in collaboration between Elan and Swarovski (Elan ski Embellished with crystals from Swarovski®), held in the multi-brand design Store located at Wolfova 5 in Ljubljana.

Although this ski emotionally stands out from Elan’s brand and ski design where emphasis is put always on technology, the luxurious exterior still hides the lightskiing technology that significantly reduces the ski’s weight and improves its performance. Only this time it is wrapped in a precious attire.

Studio Sonda, the creator of the ski’s design, found itself in the leading Slovenian daily media: Delo. Here’s what we stated, when we were asked to comment the cooperation with Elan and Swarovski on this project:

“For nearly a decade we’ve been designing women collections of Elan skis and the sales results are significantly increasing from year to year. What’s the formula? What is important in the joint cooperation with Elan and designers from Studio Sonda is to meet the real needs of women on snow. By means of a combined research and innovation we created a product that stands out for its beauty which indeed lies in its functionality. Through the light skiing concept we are trying to facilitate women skiing from all viewpoints, provided that the final result is then formulated into a visually appealing product and we communicate to female skiers the benefits of the Light skiing.

The design of Elan skis goes always hand in hand with their functionality and emphasizes innovative technology, while at the same time it is the result of careful research of trends that we observe several years in advance since the collection is always designed two years before being released on the market.

In the case of Elan Embellished with crystals from Swarovski®, it has been a pleasure to add to functionally excellent skis, that are incredibly easy to carry and to ski on, a dose of glamour. Thereby we satisfied those women who want the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. As with other Elan skis, the Swarovski design fully emphasizes the technology and at the same time it subtly allows dominance of the liveliness of Swarovski crystals. “