Embracing the Olivier salad… we are happy to see our design on the packaging of the entire selection of frozen fruit and vegetables, for the producers Ledo and Frikom, The products can be found in grocery stores throughout the Adriatic region. The wide selection is divided into different subcategories such as: basic vegetables, various vegetable mixtures and fruit.

The redesigned look of the product packaging clearly conveys some of the producer’s values such as being healthy-lifestyle oriented. Top quality level of each product was highlighted through a careful selection of visual elements. Elements such as freshness and dynamism were embodied through a fluttering composition achieved by a combination of photographic and graphic production. The new visual appearance of frozen fruit and vegetable products has found its place not only in Croatia but also in the freezers of the entire Adriatic region. With this project Sonda aimed to show that the challenge of preserving brand’s standards that are linked to a long tradition and existence can be approached through some strategically planned creative solutions. At the same time, instant recognition of the brand can be preserved while incorporating some novelty. The production of all visual materials was realized in the photo/production studio within the Sonda Creative Center in Vižinada.

Creative direction
Studio Sonda: Jelena Fiškuš, Sean Poropat
Studio Sonda: Aleksandar Živanov, Sanda Maričić, Martina Ukić, Sean Poropat
Account Director: Studio Sonda: Mladen Gvozden
Photo: Dejan Hren
Food Styling: Darko Ramljak