Euphrasiana – Cathedral in Poreč, is the name of the new photo monograph about the famous site in Poreč, which is on the list of protected heritage by UNESCO. Ivan Matejčić, today the greatest authority on the Euphrasian Basilica, is the author of the text. He has discovered inside the church a series of new features, but also interpreted many findings discovered by his predecessors since the late 19th century onwards.

The editor is Robert Matijašić, a historian, archaeologist, professor, doctor, former university dean and member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Photographs are created by Dušan Đorđević and Hassan Abdelghani, and the overall the project is signed by Studio Sonda.

Realized as part of the project EX.PO.AUS (Extension of potentiality of Adriatic UNESCO Sites – Improving the potential of UNESCO’s areas on the Adriatic coast).