On the occasion of presenting the book of the historian Dr. Sc. Elena Uljančić–Vekić: Guide to Water/History of Water Supply in Poreč, at the Museum of the Poreč territory and the Sincich gallery a thematic exhibition has been launched: Memory of Water, created by Studio Sonda and Elena Uljančić Vekić.

The exhibition has been staged with the objective of raising the visitors’ awareness about the value, preservation and use of water and the need for rational management of drinking water resources. The exhibition spans three separate spaces with shared thematic units bearing testimony to attitudes to water yesterday, today and tomorrow. The first part of the exhibition housed on the ground floor of the museum is dedicated to the exhibition of Renco Kosinožić’s photographs with the motifs of wellheads and cisterns located in the historical core. Though small in size, these are valuable monuments to everyday lives of our former fellow-citizens. These wellheads have become decorative elements of secret Poreč’s courtyards, as illustrated by the water well located in the courtyard of Sincich Palace – another thematic unit of the exhibition illustrating today’s attitudes to water. The exhibition ends at Sincich Gallery, addressing the issue of the future of water and people’s attitudes to water. What if water withdraws?

The exhibition remains open until June 30th 2018.

Concept and layout: Elena Uljančić-Vekić i Studio Sonda (Martina Sirotić Pavletić, Matko Plovanić, Stefan Vidović, Jelena Fiškuš, Sean Poropat)

Technical realisation: Andro Bupić, Manuel Ćulibrk, Amir Kurtić, Creattiva