The biennial Exhibition of Croatian Design is open. It represents the central and the most important professional design event in Croatia that brings together the highest quality design works created during a two-year period in all areas of design work. In the selection among the best 294 design achievements from the past two years, there are also 6 of Studio Sonda’s projects.

It is about the following works (click on the work for details):

King ice cream in a cup x2, in the categories Complete Project/Product as an complete project and for Packaging Design, client Ledo/Frikom
Radenska in a can in the category Packaging Design, client Radenska Adriatic
Authors’ boras in the category Visual Communication Design, client EPK Rijeka 2020.
Endless greeting card in the category Visual Communication Design, client Ministry of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Croatia.
Visual identity of the Croatian Nation Theater Ivan pl. Zajc in the category Visual communications, client HNK Ivan pl.Zajc.

The Exhibition of Croatian Design has been documenting the best recent design projects in Croatia for 21 years so far and in 2020, due to COVID-19 circumstances, it will be held online for the first time. Follow it on the link:

The works are also included in the printed publication of the Croatian Design Review 19/20, a fundamental two-year Croatian/English publication that provides an overview of the highest quality Croatian design production in the past two years. The publication strives to contextualize, to critically question and to archive the current moment of Croatian design.