One in the soup is too much while 10 on the head too little. Within some segments of our life hair represents a negative notion, while in others it might be positive and somehow desirable. Maybe its volume is not that big but has a huge importance. Quite a good reason to pay tribute to hair by opening the exhibition Hair! in the Ethnographic Museum of Istria in Pazin. The cultural aspect of hair is featured through two conceptual works. The first deals with a sort of ritualization of hair by representing folk and religious beliefs in the power of hair and moreover about the importance different cultures attach to it both on a local and micro level and on some global level as well. The second part uses the concept of economics to display the richness of crafts that are based on hair, such as brush makers, sheep breeding, mattress production and so on. A special place within the exhibition is dedicated to practices linked to hairdressing and beauty jobs, as well as to pet grooming. As a special curiosity we can mention the catalogue of hair removal from different part of the body. Exactly, from all the parts you can imagine! The exhibition will stay open till the 1st of August 2019.

Authors: Ivona Orlić and Tamara Nikolić Đerić
Design of the exhibition: Studio Sonda, Matko Plovanić
Illustrations: Studio Sonda, Eugen Slavik
Technical setup: Ethnographic Museum of Istria, Dragan Dimovski
Documentation: Ethnographic Museum of Istria, Nikolina Rusac