Agrocal powder is a completely natural and environmentally friendly source of calcium and magnesium for a rapid and effective liming. It increases soil fertility thus leading to a long-term increasing yield. After the large packaging intended for crops, Holcim has decided to offer the product to urban gardeners as well, in a small package of 4 kg.

The solution aims to wrap the product in ecological paper, easily degradable, packaging that uses only one color in print. It is set in a wooden box that is not supposed to be disposed of, but repurposed and reused by gardeners, for example, for seedlings, storage tools or the like. Different motivational sayings are carved on the box in order to encourage gardeners to a kind of collecting.

In devising the solution, the principle of functionality within the retail space was the key point: the packaging is designed in a way that the boxes can be stacked one upon the other, becoming an independent entity without having to struggle for a place on the shelves in the usually crowded agriculture supplies stores. Another very important functional element for the customer is the possibility to have an easy transport. At the same time the product is visually well embodied aiming to stand out with its neatness and aesthetic delicacy among the other products within the store.