Carlotta Grisi, a 19th-century dance muse came from Istria where she started her ballet career very early. She was just seven years old when she started performing at La Scala, Milan and later danced on numerous world stages such as Milan, Paris and St. Petersburg. It is claimed that Giselle, one of the most famous ballet roles of all time, was composed because of her talents, her beauty and grace, and her performance of which ranked Carlotta among the greatest artists of that time.



A comprehensive life and artistic work story of Carlotta Grisi, one of the most famous ballerinas in history who took her first dance steps in her native Vižinada, became the subject of our multi-year research in which we engaged with the historian Elena Poropat Pustijanec.

Through the creative direction of the interactive display of the exhibition located on the second floor of the Maraston – House of Hidden History visitor center in Vižinada and the graphic design of the monograph ‘Carlotta Grisi – ballet diva from Vižinada’, we realized a full circle in reviving the story of Carlotta. Since we believe talents have no boundaries, we wanted to inspire new generations to have courage and to try to fulfill their dreams.

Maraston – The House of Hidden History is located in the main square of Vižinada, where on its second floor Carlotta’s life story is revealed. The group of digital installations are conceived as dance through time. The exhibition consists of a sensory dance floor and an interactive mirror in which, instead of one´s own reflection a projector shows ballet steps the visitor can learn and thus evaluate the progress. The setup also offers VR binoculars through which past and present view of Vižinada square can be compared, with little Carlota dancing around the cistern. The dance installation was created with the help of the participants of the Carlotta Grisi Dance Center – Umag and its artistic director Nicolae Vasco. Their realistic movements were used and thanks to technology turned into this interactive installation that every visitor can experience.

The exhibition is accompanied by a biographical presentation of Carlotta’s life. In 2023 the monograph “Carlotta Grisi – ballet diva from Vižinada”, the first complete monograph about this prima ballerina, was published. The author is Elena Poropat Pustijanec and the editor of the monograph is Đorđe Matić. It was published by the Municipality of Vižinada while the graphic design was entrusted to Sonda.

Creative Direction, Design, Copywrite: Jelena Fiškuš and Sean Poropat
Expert for historical materials and monograph author: Elena Poropat Pustijanac
Exhibition Design: Matko Plovanić, Aleksandar Živanov
Adjustments of the texts for the exhibition: Ana Tavić
Monograp Design and Layout: Sanda Maričić, Rajko Ban

Novena d.o.o. (VR animation and interactive installation)
Audio Video Consulting d.o.o. (audiovisual installations)
Mirna Mihoković (research, design and production of ballet slippers)
Arte Interijeri d.o.o. (production and assembly of joinery positions)
Carlotta Grisi Dance Center in Umag – art director Nicolae Vasc

CLIENT: Municipality of Vižinada-Visinada