How’s award for the catalogue On paper
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How’s award for the catalogue On paper

The exhibition “On paper” tries to assert the numerous works of art on paper, which often lie in shades of things that are usually considered as primary art production, and are considered to be drafts for something else, or as works of art of lower artistic value.

The exhibition catalogue represents a different way from the usual catalogue representation and stresses the material of which the catalogue is produced: paper.

Whereas within the classic catalogue representation the user devotes more attention to information, this solution enhances the carrier of the information itself. Paper becomes a medium which, distorted in such a way, undeniably attracts the attention to its own purpose, form and incredible possibilities of creative usage.

Since the exhibition wants to accentuate the fact that drafts on paper do not have lower artistic value than the final artwork, the crumpled paper that at first glance looks as rubbish, is in this case lifted from something discarded to something with value – the exhibition’s catalogue.

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