During the COVID-19 lockdown in April 2020, HURA, the Croatian industry association in market communications, launched the charity initiative #jedvacekam (can’t wait) with the aim of highlighting the power of creativity and communication and of supporting those most in need: local entrepreneurs and brands.

The campaign was included among the top 25 best projects of the entire region at the regional showcase BalCannes. Studio Sonda (creative solution), Human (website) and Izone (social networks) agencies participated in design and implementation of the campaign, while HURA’s team coordinated campaigns, sponsorships and communication with the media.

About the work:

With the initiative #jedvacekam (can’t wait) citizens were invited to express on the website what they can’t wait to do after the lockdown and to tag the services and products they miss. The most creative announcements allowed domestic brands to have a real media space so they ended up on radio stations, in newspapers, on portals and on the streets. They were also shared on social networks and supported by many celebrities. With the help of Croatian producers and directors, local brands have been advertised even on national television, shown in prime time. Ultimately, they were donated a media space worth over HRK 1,000,000.00 (approx. 140.000 €) and most importantly, they were provided support during such tough times.