Already by touching the relief-shaped cover page, the reader enters with a tactile experience into the painter’s (Bojan Šumonja) artistic world. It is a peculiar world of darkness and light, the world of life and death, which are at the same time the key motives of the monograph and the author’s work in general.

The preface of the monograph is printed on wood-free newsprint and thus separated from the part that presents the author’s work. Due to a better presentation of single works, they are displayed in a larger format and are opened like a folder. Elements of content of bilingual painter’s monograph are separated using a page folding and various types of paper. The relief-shaped cover transforms the book into a piece of art.

ICOGRADA is an association founded in 1963 engaged in the areas of graphic design, management design, promotion and training in the design branch. The Association promotes the vital function of designers in society and economy putting together voices of designers and visual communicators worldwide. The award was granted to Studio Sonda during the Croatian Design Exhibition 0708 in the competition among 266 entries.