The Istrian National Theatre in Pula wanted to improve the attendance of the theatre and to raise the ticket purchase by means of online channels. The project ‘Theatre for later on’ arises driven by the idea of a globally known action called ‘Bread for later on’, with which the previously paid bread in the bakery is given to someone who is hungry and can not afford it. Given the state of theater and culture in general, this project wants to communicate that not having some theatre can be just as detrimental for health as not having food.

At the very beginning of the theatre season, the campaign ‘Theatre for later on’ began with public calls (posters, billboards) of the theatre’s staff itself calling their beloved ones personally, by name, for the first premiere. Later on, the day of the premiere, a permanent app was set up so that in the future everyone can buy a ticket and send it to anyone, directly at the theatre box office or on the web and saving 20%. It can then be used for any show of the season. Since then, the lucky ones being invited receive in their e-mail inboxes and FB profiles some very original invitations for the theatre, and some messages were sent publicly as well: through newspapers, radio, television, jumbo posters.

‘Theatre for later on’ is an invitation that just cannot be rejected…

People are reminded of the beauty of visiting the theatre, as well the awareness of the potential of online shopping is raised. In the last quarter of 2014 – from the beginning of the action – 61% of the yearly overall income was achieved only by means of online sales. The turnover in the last quarter of 2014, achieved by online sales, was higher by 54% than the overall turnover in 2013. Whereas in January 2015 online sales achieved almost the entire income of 2013.

Buy ‘Theatre for later on’ on – give culture as a gift! Because culture is essentially important.