At the largest national creativity competition, IdejaX, which has been promoting boundary-pushing ideas over the last 10 years, Studio Sonda is once again succeeding and winning the award, this time in the category of Corporate communications, with its project Endless Greeting card, designed for the Ministry of the environmental protection and energy. The Endless greeting card was awarded the bronze IdejaX Award.

Read more about the work here: Endless greeting card

Jelena Fiškuš and Sean Poropat / Studio Sonda / Creative Directors
Ana Tavić / Studio Sonda / Copywriter
Matko Plovanić / Studio Sonda / Designer
Mladen Gvozden / Studio Sonda / Key Account Manager
Kristina Posilović / Ministry of the environmental protection and energy / spokeswoman
Ana Mikulić / Ministry of Environment and Energy / deputy Manager of Independent Public Relations and Protocol

Congratulations to all the award winning colleagues who prove that creativity keeps moving on!