We were wondering how to turn the dynamics of movement and the pleasure of tasting protein puddings or shakes into some simple but short video stories and visuals that would convey the benefits of using Zott Proteins at first glance. The solution was found in a campaign that turns creaminess and moments of pleasure while consuming together with physical activity into a win-win combination! No need to choose when with Zott proteins you can have both at the same time!

So the combination of photos and messages depicts a person while consuming, and at the same time working out, thus directly and clearly communicating the key advantages of the product. It allows users to consume something delicious without remorse, that is also good for their body, which was also the key task of the project. The static and dynamic materials are adapted to digital channels (social networks, display ads) and POS formats on the Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Macedonian, Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian markets.




Client: Zott SE & co. KG
Creative Directors, Design, Copywrite: Jelena Fiškuš i Sean Poropat, Studio Sonda
Account Manager: Rafaela Kerin, Studio Sonda
Design: Aleksandar Živanov, Studio Sonda
Video production: Val produkcija d.o.o.
Director: Renata Lučić
Producer: Nerma Mehadžić
DOP: Tomislav Sutlar
Photographs for KV: Domagoj Kunić