The backbone of the project Inventario is the research and the analysis of various topics close to the design, art and architecture, and in its tenth edition: Everything is a project, talks about, among other things, the umbrella.

Often understood only as functional objects, in this release of Inventario, umbrellas are processed through different forms and purposes, even as objects of desire. Holiday reinterpretation of an umbrella created by Studio Sonda – LumbriJELA, was so presented, for example, on a centerfold near the picture of the famous Belgian surrealist painter, Rene Magritte: Les Vacances de Hegel, 1958, or an object derived from poetry, signed by the poet and designer Joan Brossa.

Under the heading: Variations on a theme, Inventario writes about the works:

Allusions, metaphors and paradoxes that go beyond the familiar functionality of the object, assumptions that narrate undefined, ambiguous and ironic realities. Umbrella is used here as a pure object that holds its shape, its physical and aesthetic essence, but it also constitutes a kind of sculpture through the most diverse variations. As a dialogue between opposites, which, for example, is to be found in Magritte and Brossa, and which balances on the thin line between function contrasts of welcoming and rejection … ”

Inventario points out about itself:

Inventario is not a magazine nor it is a book. It is a publishing project that gives a critical free viewpoint on design, architecture and art. It was conceived and edited by Beppe Finessi, issued by Corraini Edizioni, and supported and promoted by Foscarini (world famous brand of designer lighting).