The international event ‘Challenges to Drinking Culture in Istria’ was organized by the Ethnographic Museum in Pazin on September 27th -28th . The topic of the conference was related to the contemporary contextualization of the production and consumption of beverages in Istria, or in the broadest sense, the culture of drinking, and appeared in response to the primarily hedonistic, ecological, tourist, but also identity concept of the offer and presentation of Istria.

Among other professional lecturers, the opportunity to tell its ‘Story that goes down easily’ through a lecture of the same name went to Studio Sonda. The lecture focused on whether the story behind a wine is more inebriating than the wine itself, how much it must be thoughtful and authentic, and how much as such it can strongly influence the success of the product / service. The lecture also featured concrete stories behind Istrian drinks, whose concept and design are signed by Studio Sonda.

The audience thus tasted the story of the award-winning Piquentum wine label through which nature itself speaks, but also of Aura’s Karbun Gin, a special drink inspired by the last carbunari (coal miners) on the slopes of Ćićarija.

Photo: Tourist Board of Central Istria