Every year the National and University Library traditionally selects through the competition “Hrvatska lijepa knjiga” the best designed Croatian books that will enter the international competition Best Book Design from all over the World, during the Leipzig Book Fair, and the Book Art International exhibition, during the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The monograph about the historical development of Kanfanar is among the 25 awarded editions published in 2018. Author and editor is Dragan Orgulić and texts are signed by Marko Jelenić,PhD, Ivana Maružin and Dragan Orgulić.

Altogether 147 titles submitted the competition in the following categories: literature, science, art and artists monographs and photo-monographs, books for children and youth, school books, bibliophile and reprint editions and catalogs. A judging panel was composed by the Fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Tonko Maroević, the academic painter-graphic artist and professional cameraman Luka Gusić, the academic painter-graphic artist Danijel Srdarev and the senior curator at the Print Collection of the National and University Library, Charlotte Frank.

After closing the Leipzig and Frankfurt Fairs, the selected books will be included among the holdings of the German Museum of Books and Writing (Deutsches Buch-und Schriftmuseum) in Leipzig that is part of the German National Library (Die Deutsche Bibliothek).