The desire for freedom is an inexhaustible and a very topical issue today. In fact, it was the desire for freedom that originated some of the historical classics. Each of them represents a whole revolution and although perhaps misunderstood at first, eventually becomes the ultimate symbol of the struggle for individual freedom: freedom of expression, freedom of communication, freedom of expressing one’s view, freedom to be what we are and behave as we feel.

And many of these historical moments have one guiding thread in common: each of them became historically important just when something that was unimaginable until then was taken away from it.

These are exactly the topics covered by the new summer campaign of Studio Sonda for King Classic with 30% less sugar. Concluding that the legendary ice cream was deprived of 30% of sugar, all in order to get more and give users the freedom to enjoy one more ice cream without remorse.

The campaign and the animated TVC are accompanied by ads that practically prove that less often brings more. Namely, 30 percent of advertising space is donated in favor of the promotion of the Center for Youth Development (CERN), which conveys the message that taking away often does not mean really losing something, but quite the opposite: the product is equally and effectively advertised on a slightly smaller area, creating though a new value, in this case the promotion of the Association that cares about youth development.

Finally, the campaign is rounded off by dynamic stories that teach us about interesting historical moments and discoveries that, out of a desire for freedom, became world classics when the initial part was taken away: like a donut, cabriolet, mini skirt, bikini, etc.