LumbriJELA is perfect for those who like tradition of Christmas trees, but abhor its destruction.

LumbriJELA can be conveniently placed on the shelves, in the corridors, windows, student small rooms and presidential suites. For those who want to wear a seasonal holiday symbol constantly and give useful gifts, but are tired of pyjamas, socks and deodorants, LumbriJELA is an ideal gift. And most importantly, after the holiday season ends, LumbriJELA continues to live on as a useful fashion accessory to entertain winter gloomy days.

It was created and exhibited as part of the HDD’s Christmas tree superstore project (Xmas Superstore), whose starting point is the idea of an imaginary store of imaginary brands in the context of holiday euphoria, of sharing, but also of hedonism and solidarity, of aesthetics of luxury and unbridled consumerism, where designers propose new and unexpected materialization of the idea of redesigning and commenting on holiday, gift-giving and consumerism atmosphere.