In the world of fast media, aiming to ignite the love for books in younger generations and increase the number of BOOKtiga (festival of used books) visits, MATCHBOOK, a dating-app-like web platform, was designed to connect us with books we fall in love with. We brought to life characters from the classics: Anna Karenina, Simon Basset, Robinson Crusoe, Jay Gatsby, Bridget Jones… and in order for visitors to meet the characters and “match” with them, dating profiles were created. So visitors could arrange a “date” during BOOKtiga and beside the date, they were rewarded with a book and an annual membership.

The excellent results of the campaign confirmed the perfect combination of contemporary lifestyle and timeless love: 1,150 books sold, 1,715 EUR collected, 1,500 visitors, 3x more visits to the library’s website, 4% average ER and 40 romantic dates in just 3 days (mostly younger generations).