Vizkultura’s (portal for visual arts and culture) editorial, asked us to take part in their project Postering, in which croatian designers create posters commenting on a chosen subjects of their interest. Posters are made exclusively for the Vizkultura project.

It happened right around the time when we were truly concerned about the future of the autochthonous Istrian wine sort Teran, after the news that it, on the eve of entering EU, wouldn’t be sold with its name any more on the EU market. Not even, from 1st of July 2013 in Croatia, as an new EU member.

The poster, through a wordplay with the slogan of the Croatian National Tourist Board, in fact examines how can Croatia be considered part of the Mediterranean without its Teran, referring to the importance of traditional customs and its products, the protection of which is lightly understood, and without which the whole country loses part of its identity.