Christian Mayer – World cup alpine ski racer, Olympic and World Cup medallist, Filip Flisar – World Champion and overall World Cup winner in Ski cross, Davo Karničar – The first person to ski down from Mt. Everest, Matthias Myer – Professional free-skier and Big mountain explorer, Bine Žalohar – Professional free-skier, competitor & instructor and Glen Plake – Pioner of extreme skiing in USA, share with us their most intimate moments. Real heroes, confessing having cried for reasons which many would consider banal. But who dares to decide what is important to this guys, well known for their abilities and courage? They proudly say: Don’t judge other people’s reasons. Support true feelings!

Client: Elan,
Creative Concept: Studio Sonda, Croatia
Creative Direction, Direction, Production and Editing: Studio Sonda, Croatia
Camera: Jure Niedorfer
3D Editing: Andraž Kožar
Audio recording: Chris Wherry
Audio postproduction: Aleks Poropat
Music: Bononiasound
Make Up: Sanja Rivić, Anita Mušič
Studio: Sonata Photographica