Metaphoria II, the catalog of the exhibition that brought together 10 international contemporary artists in Athens is being distributed by the cult institution Walther König – bookstore and publishing house considered to be one of the most significant addresses for publications in the field of art and architecture.

Works and artists represented by this publishing house/bookstore founded in 1969, have been carefully curated by the founder Walther König himself.

In one of his interviews he pointed out: “All the books that arrive stay first on big tables. I come in very early in the morning, when no one else is here yet, look at everything and decide where it is going: if it will be offered in a certain department, if it’s a standing order that needs to be sent somewhere, how to enter it bibliographically, if an additional text needs to be prepared for it, which branch gets it, etc. – we have all these big compartments. And that is essential for me, because my whole memory of titles comes from having held each and every book in my hands. Lists of titles or other systems don’t help me remember anything. But if I have actually physically handled a book, then it sticks permanently in my head. Now, as you can imagine, every day we receive mountains of books, so this process can take hours. But keeping it this way is very important to me”

The fact that also our Metaphoria II went through the hands of this legendary publisher makes us very proud, since his bookstore is much more than just a point of sale. It is a place of immense importance for the culture and home to many artists and art lovers. Gerhard Richter, Sigmar Polke and Hans Peter Feldmann are just some of the important names Walther König collaborated with.

Currently METAPHORIA II is being sold in Walther König bookstores and museum shops in Cologne, Amsterdam, London and Vienna, as well as on their web shop.

Congratulations to the curators of the exhibition and to the authors of the catalog, to the art director Silvia Guerra and the artist Michael Staab as well as to Laurent Fiévet, director of Lab’Bel – artistic laboratory in charge of producing exhibitions and catalog publishing.