In the Pula’s Cinema Valli the new visual identity of Pula Film Festival was presented.

Since we are talking about a festival that is about to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, a festival with an already-established history and a very recognizable activities, which takes place in one of the most attractive locations in the world – the Arena. While creating its brand, rather then talking about a creation of an identity, we are talking about its upgrading. As the festival is evidently developing in a programmed and progressive way, it becomes crucial to give emphasis to its acceptance by the public (media / visitors / participants) so the basic conditions for successful branding are: the presentation of the festival in a way that it respects its history, program and location, and the involvement of participants in the improvement process of its identity system.

The stars that are projected from the sky above the Arena are an indispensable factor of the festival, and in the new identity of the Festival they were shown as white dots that represent the basic graphic element of the identity and guarantee a simple and a broad applicability. A new logo of the Festival has been designed as well, while the slogan of the whole story continues to be the same as it has been up to now: Movies Under the Stars.