When the beginning of a story is connected with the reign of the Emperor Franz Joseph and when you read twice for yourself that “since” coming along with the brand name, because the year 1911 looks like a typo, then you know it is definitely about a long lasting brand. And Kraš is the one.

On the occasion of the 110 years celebration of Kraš, Studio Sonda was given the task to provide the legendary Dorina chocolate with a new and more modern look, to refine its visual identity, to give the communication a simple and modern tone in order to better approach a younger target group and as the comparative advantage, to highlight the taste breadth of choices.

Since it was first introduced in 1996, Dorina has always been synonymous with trusted quality, but when it comes to the packaging  design, it has changed several times over the past 25 years. Consequently, the consistency of the brand itself through packaging has not been established. We decided to make a change and give Dorina an “iconic” design that will make it become far more recognisable from now on.

The characteristic red color of the brand has been redefined and instead a more modern red shade has been chosen. The packaging material has been updated while the color code has been standardized throughout all packaging for better shelf visibility. The recognisable logo has been minimally redesigned and modernized and the chocolate line in the logo has been transformed into the famous smiley symbol, which has become new Dorina’s trademark that communicates the emotions we experience when consuming: so smiles and pleasure.

For the presentation of flavours graphic elements from the first Kraš chocolates from the early 80’s (triangle) were used as a link with tradition, while with a clear distinction the breadth of flavours within the offer has been stressed.

The new packaging is accompanied by a special campaign that highlights the new identity of the chocolate and the breadth of choices. Hot or cold? Small or big? Crispy? Creamy? Fruity? Powerful? It doesn’t matter, because when it is either yes or no, just break it off and try them all!



Creative & Art direction, Copywrite: Studio Sonda; Jelena Fiškuš & Sean Poropat
Design: Studio Sonda; Aleksandar Živanov, Martina Ukić, Sanda Maričić, Marina Štefančić, Jelena Fiškuš, Sean Poropat
Account Director: Studio Sonda; Mladen Gvozden
TVC Production: MOGLO