The new product line in the category of frozen products by Ledo and Frikom, spicy vegetable mixes Veggie Love, reflects the contemporary needs of consumers for a healthier diet. The client’s goal was to expand the range and present a new premium category of frozen vegetables, offering a product for those who, due to their busy lifestyle, do not always have a long time to prepare their meals.

Considering that the recipes combine spicy crunchy vegetables, with or without grains, and taking into account the needs of the FMCG market and the goals of Ledo and Frikom clients, Studio Sonda has produced a design that communicates the desired product values, has clear visibility and presentation of the ingredients, while also maintaining the recognizable brand architecture achieved through a recent redesign, also signed by Sonda. The emphasis is on practicality, excellence, naturalness, and reliability of new products. Enjoy your meal!