During the 2019 Studio Sonda was invited to hold two important exhibitions (Gallery of the Croatian Designers Association – Zagreb & Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria – Pula). On that occasion the book about Studio Sonda was published by the Croatian Designers Association and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria. Author of the text is Marko Golub.

The book ‘Studio Sonda – On the power of creativity’ displays an overview of its fifteen years of work and activity over 128 pages. Through texts and interviews with Sonda’s creative directors, Marko Golub – the author of the text, introduces readers to the initial works and to the development of the creative studio as well as to some of their most remarkable creations.

Studio Sonda started with a self-initiated project and today acts from a small village Vižinada in Istria as a studio for design and communication that creates worldwide sold and globally awarded works.

Extract from Marko Golub’s introduction:

“Studio Sonda begun in 2004 with a same-named publishing project while in 2007 it started working autonomously as a design studio, thus positioning itself very quickly among one of the most interesting studios on the Croatian design scene.


Sonda started in Poreč, but since the town was not small enough they moved to Vižinada, where now they work for clients coming from Istria, Croatia and from all around the globe. There are no too small or too big projects for them, nor less or more important. Quite the contrary, some of their smallest projects with a local character were those that have had the biggest impact.

Many people have passed through Studio Sonda, to many of whom Sonda was a springboard for becoming independent and for starting their own design activity in Istria or elsewhere. However, Sonda’s most important contribution to the development of design in Istria lies in works done for local manufacturers, tourism brands, cultural and festival events, with which they helped to raise awareness among clients and users about the importance and the impact design and visual communications can have. Hence they paved the way for developing design in Istria region.

Being dislocated from the center or rather insisting on the fact that the center can be wherever you decide to place it, it represents a kind of basic principle for this studio as well as a starting position from which some questions arise – how are we connected and what do we have to say to each other.

By investing its attention in designing messages that might be relevant to the specific local situation, context and community, Sonda comes up with concepts that are thus relevant for the general understanding of the visual culture and communication, design and advertising today. “

Publishers: Croatian Designers Association (Zagreb), Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria (Pula) and Studio Sonda (Vižinada). The book can be found in the Gallery of the CDA (HDD) and MCA (MSUI), Pula.

For publishers: Maša Milovac, Ketrin Milićević Mijošek, Sean Poropat and Jelena Fiškuš
Author of the text: Marko Golub
Photographs: Archives of Studio Sonda
Design and layout: Studio Sonda
Paper: Pergraphica Classic Smooth
Edition: 500 pcs
Printed in Zagreb, September 2019.