Zgraf is an international exhibition of graphic design and visual communications that has since 1975 been held in Zagreb and occurring every three years, organized by ULUPUH, the Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts.

Exhibitions over the years gathered designers, theoreticians and critics in order to discuss essential design issues and about its place in the contemporary society.

Zgraf aims to establish conditions for polemical discourse about contemporary design practice and about its role in the complex and often contradictory every day culture.

The main Zgraf exhibition is a regular international exhibition in the field of graphic design and visual communications, which includes selected recent works. The Selection Committee of the 11th International exhibition of graphic design and visual communications – Zgraf, taking part: Lena Pislak Balant, Dejan Kršić, Ana Kunej, Igor Stanišljević and Borut Vild, in the exhibition Zgraf 11 included the following of our works: Free collection of Elan skis 2011/2012, exhibition catalogue On the paper and poster Booktiga, 2009.

Photo: Barbara Saric 2012