Preparations necessary to create the bottle label for this special wine edition, bottled in 2014 (limited edition of 200 bottles), date back to the 2012. More precisely, they started on September 21st, 2012 – on a grape harvest day in a vineyard situated in the region of Istria (Croatia). This vineyard is unique because it had been cultivated for 80 years exclusively by using natural methodologies, reflecting therefore fully the philosophy of the wine producer Dimitri Brečević (Piquentum).

Time, place and honesty – that’s what this winemaker believes is being crucial for the quality of wine. That is why the production of bottle labels for this organic wine had begun by collecting 200 copies of “Glas Istre”, daily newspaper of the Istrian region, printed on the harvest day, what is actually the embodiment of the symbolism of time (September 21st, 2012), of space (regional newspaper of the area where this wine is produced) and honesty (information transmitted by newspaper in a given time and space). Honest is as well the way in which labels are produced from the original newspaper paper (Glas Istre 21.09.2012): the pages taken are deprived of all extras and details, reflecting thus the character of the wine itself. At the same time the graphic element of the newspaper text that resembles a cultivated field, very appropriately recalls the wine name: Brazda (meaning: furrow, in the Croatian language brazda means a groove made in the ground by a plow).