When he came to our office, Dimitri Brečević, of French mother, and Istrian father, he knew not much about our Croatian language, but he knew a lot about wine and the Istrian land. He brought with him a great wine named Piquentum (the Latin name for Buzet where his winery is located), and a few suggestions of labels he was not satisfied with.

It was the beginning of a great cooperation, as well as of a beautiful friendship … because Studio Sonda and wine pair perfectly together, as well as our and Dimitri’s ideas.

The logo for Piquentum is a stylized inscription taken from the plate of SALUS AUGUSTAE (192.g. BC), the first written track mentioning the name of Piquentum.

The label shows the distinctive visual elements of Buzet (the view from the Malvasia vineyards or the view from the Teran vineyards), thus the name also visually connects with the place of wine production while the artistic expression reflects the characters of the wine and its producer. www.piquentum.com