Studio Sonda and the City Library of Poreč won the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication design in the Advertising category- Integrated Campaign for 100% COVID FREE Journey. The award was given in one of the most complex categories: Advertising – Integrated campaign, for which it is important to communicate the creative idea as a single whole, but through several integrated communication channels.

Thanks to the 100% COVID Free campaign, which took citizens on a journey around the world during the lockdown, the City Library of Poreč achieved a record enrollment of new members, + 194.40% and + 221.74% of loans during the campaign compared to the same period last year. Furthermore there was a significant increase of + 40% in website visits, as well as in the organic reach on social networks (FB + 23%). Most importantly, the citizens were able to travel the world even though they were actually in the lockdown.

In addition to Red Dot, the 100% COVID FREE JOURNEY campaign was also awarded in the USA (One Show Merit), Europe (European Design Awards: Grand Jury Prize and Gold on Category Promotion, Poster Series), and won three Grand Prix prizes at the National Competition: for Creativity (Ideja X), Efficiency (Effie) and Digital Relevance (MIXX). Moreover, it helped a small city library become the advertiser of the year.

This is the sixteenth Red Dot award for Studio Sonda.

See more about the work here: 100% COVID FREE JOURNEY

About the Red Dot award:
It has been assigned since 1955 and today it is considered one of the most influential awards in the world of design. As the organizers point out, the goal of the award is to evaluate the most ingenious design works from the world of product design, communication, packaging, all the way to design of concepts and prototypes. It is awarded through three categories: Product Design, Brands & Communication Design and Design Concept, and a total of over 20,000 design projects applied for it, of which a jury of 24 international experts selected the best ones. Under the slogan “In search of good design and creativity” they were evaluated according to the following criteria:

– Originality and creativity of the idea

– Design quality and innovation

– Influence: Understanding and the emotional reach towards the audience

Thanks to this award, the library will be promoted on online platforms and on exhibitions organized by Red Dot, and will be part of the annual International Yearbook Brands & Communication Design publication.