This year again (2022), Sonda was awarded with Red Dot, one of the most prestigious awards in the world of design. This time it occurred in the field of Brands & Communications Design, and in the Packaging Design category for the new Dorina chocolate packaging! This is our 17th Red Dot Award in a row.

“Changing the packaging of well known products is always a big challenge. Moreover, in the last few years there have been many attempts for the redesign of our Dorina chocolate, which never saw the light of day. Primarily because of the complexity, or rather because of the wide range of flavors that ended up quite stifled through the previously proposed design solutions.

That is the reason why we are even more delighted by this award. It confirms that we have succeeded in achieving the most important goal – that is to realize a timeless design which comprises a modern presentation of ingredients, while at the same time it pays tribute to the tradition of Kraš and its indisputable quality.

We are glad that we were actively involved in the entire design process with Studio Sonda, whose experience in this field is indisputable, and that we could clearly share the vision of what we wanted from the very beginning. That is, a unique, modern and noticeable bar on the shelf with a clear distinction of a wide range of Dorina’s flavors and its recognizability, which ultimately led to an increase in sales of certain flavors,” stated Marina Knežević, marketing director of Kraš.

More about new Dorina packaging design you can find HERE.