When? In the period between February 17th – March 17th, 2022 – as part of workshops to be held in the afternoon once a week.

Where? Sonda Creative Center, Vižinada, Istria


Be part of the team that will, together with Sonda, design new skis for the ski manufacturer Elan, a ski brand that is recognizable and used worldwide, at the Sonda Creative Center in Vižinada. If you are interested in creative and practical processes that end with a specific product sold on store shelves and wish to be part of the creative team involved in its creation, join Sonda and become part of the Sonda Designed by People program.

You do not need to have prior design experience, just the desire to develop and get to know creative processes through practical work, which will allow you to express the creative part of yourself.


Why is Sonda Designed by People for you?

  • You have the opportunity to be part of a team that will design a specific product (skis), for a well-known global brand (Elan), as part of a workshop led by the internationally awarded creative studio (Sonda) that boasts 17 years of work on ski design.
  • You have the opportunity to get acquainted with the processes of creative and practical work that lead to the realization of a specific product which can be sold commercially.
  • The skis you will also participate in working on will be concretely produced and promoted.


The program is free and intended for adults regardless of gender, daily occupation, school, or age, and there will be no compensation.

If you are interested and can commit to the terms of participation, click for details

The Sonda Designed by People program will be held in a group of six participants, under the mentorship of Sonda, through seven sessions.


The Result

Your work will stand behind Elan skis that will be promoted to the public as the first Sonda Designed by People project. You will get the Certificate of Participation in the project.


About Sonda Designed by People program

Since we believe in the high efficiency of creativity in every individual, we want to create with you. Together with you and our business partners/clients and colleagues, we want to create globally relevant brands, products, projects, and programs created in an inspiring and authentic environment and always have real market success. But above all, always connect and create a better society.

Sonda Designed by People program will guide interested users through creative and practical processes that will result in concrete work for brands with which Sonda cooperates in its daily business.


The application deadline is January 28th at 11:59 p.m., and you can find the application form here: SONDA DESIGNED BY PEOPLE_Application form