We present you the first holiday range of Kraš (the leading manufacturer of confectionery in south-eastern Europe) products, designed within the framework of the Sonda Designed by People program.



The aim of Sonda Designed by People program is to connect the clients, the local community, and the general public in a shared creation of various products. In collaboration with different brands, Sonda leads a workshop program within its Creative Center, with the intention to create relevant products, projects and programs aimed at strengthening cooperation and creating a better society – a society of ideas, together with all interested people, but also the wider community, in an inspiring and authentic environment.

The number of applications for participation in the Sonda Creative Center program quadrupled this year, and the six most motivated participants were once again selected from the multitude of candidates. Thanks to their ideas, skills and perspectives, the new Christmas range of Kraš products was created by:

Gea Rajić, student of visual communications and design (Rijeka);
Majda Milevoj Klapčić, professor of Italian language and literature and librarian (Labin);
Nika Kurti, sustainable development student (Rijeka);
Katarina Ričko, design and illustrator  (Čakovec);
Matija Vukić, fashion design student and make-up artist (Sveti Križ Začretje);
Marina Žitković, professional associate pedagogue (Samobor).

As part of the Designed by People team, with Sonda’s mentorship, they approached the task together and researched and analyzed all available information about the brand, the competitors and the end-users.

During the seven steps of the workshop the participants developed the creative concept „uKRAŠi blagdane“ (ingl. decorate the holidays) , inspired by decorating, which usually plunges us into the holiday mood, as well as by the awareness that time is one of the most valuable gifts we can give to our loved ones. The packaging design relies on the ancient tradition of creating decorations by using natural materials, as well as those that can be reused, such as candy wrappers or gold chocolate wrappers.

The work and their creative processes were turned into a solution that offers the end-users the opportunity to show their creativity and authenticity in further decorating their home or the home of their loved ones, thus continuing the process started within the project in which everyone is invited to participate, regardless of their previous knowledge or experience.

The Sonda Designed by People program is being held for the second year in a row, and its aim is not only to create products, but to connect people, ideas and different perspectives, from which solutions that reflect authenticity can emerge and which can become a symbol of creativity having a social impact as well. A new edition of this program will start soon, bringing new opportunities for participation, and maybe YOU will be part of the next team.

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