The cooperation between the Pula Film Festival and Borovo resulted in a special edition of sneakers on which our visual identity of the Festival is to be found. “This is a movie-like moment for Startas sneakers. Borovo’s brand Startas has historically been linked to the sports moments and major sporting events. It was created and developed for table tennis players, but the flexibility of our production in Vukovar, the design approach, and above all our love for STARTAS has lead it to a variety of creative segments and made it become a way of creative expression whether we talk about sports, fashion, music or creative arts, such as a movie. Thus the connection with the national film festival is a stellar moment for Startas and that is why we decided to enter into cooperation with a model under the stars. We wish all festival fans a lot of star steps with our Startas Pula Film Festival,” were the words of the project manager from Borovo, Damir Rupčić, at the press conference held during the presentations of the new Startas sneakers.